Thursday, July 16, 2009


This time I AM ACUTTALY TELLING YOU HOW TO GET IT YOURSELF!!!!!! Okay first you need to vist a website called You need to sign up then Log In. Now you have to click the blue button that say Blue Ray, Now you need to click SKIP then PLAY ALL! After you watched the ENTIRE video, you need to click the button at the top that says EARN BONUS POINTS (It will be under Member Benifeits). When you get to that page click take survey, When your done click the Rewards button then do ALL REWARDS. Pick the TOONTOWN one then, Open a new window once you see the code. On the new window type in Type in the code on the other window into the box on the new window then press ok/enter/etc. , Now login and enjoy. This always works. P.s. You can make more then one acount. This only works once on each acount. This is only 1 month membership each time.

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  1. username:universaljurassic